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Photo: an illegal pole trap

Many of our readers will already know what a pole trap looks like, but for those who don’t, here’s a photograph of one (taken recently in Scotland).

These traps were outlawed in the UK in 1904 but are still in regular (illegal) use today. They are nothing short of barbaric. They are often positioned on posts close to game-rearing pens or on exposed posts on grouse moors with the sole intention of catching a perching raptor. When the raptor lands on the trap the spring jaws snap around the leg(s) with such force that the leg is usually broken. When the raptor tries to fly away it is prevented from doing so as the spring trap is nailed to the post. The raptor is left dangling from the post with appalling injuries and usually suffers a prolonged and agonising death (see Tuesday’s photo here).

If you see a pole trap you should report it immediately (to the police, SSPCA, RSPB). If you have to walk away from the trap (e.g. to get a phone signal), take a photograph of the set trap (preferably with a local landscape feature in the background so the photo can be used as evidence) and then disarm it. Use a stick to disarm it – not your fingers – the spring action of these traps is so powerful it can break an eagle’s legs.


Photo: live buzzard caught in illegal pole trap


The camera never lies: new photo gallery for the blog

We’ve added a new category to the blog called Photo Gallery. It can be accessed via the category list in the right-hand column. 

Photos will be added to the gallery periodically to create a useful resource of images in one location. The main focus of the photos will be raptor persecution, of course, but we’ll also include other related images.

You can join in! If you’d like to contribute any photographs for publication, please send them to:


Anonymity goes without saying but photo credit given if that’s what you’d prefer. Get snapping!

First photo to follow shortly…

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