Trial date set for Suffolk gamekeeper accused of poisoning buzzard

A couple of days ago I blogged about a gamekeeper who was due in court this week to face allegations that he was responsible for the alleged poisoning of a buzzard in Suffolk (see here).

This prosecution resulted from a multi-agency investigation and raid conducted at premises in January this year involving Suffolk Police, National Wildlife Crime Unit, Natural England and the RSPB’s Investigations team (see here).

[Police seized guns and pesticides during the multi-agency raid in January 2021. Photo via Suffolk Police]

News from the court today (via the RSPB) is that this gamekeeper has pleaded guilty to some charges but not guilty to others, so this case will now proceed to trial.

The gamekeeper pleaded guilty to six charges relating to firearms and pesticide storage.

He pleaded not guilty to two further charges relating to the illegal buzzard poisoning.

The trial is due to begin on 8th November 2021.

Please note, as this is a live case no further detail will be provided here until the case has concluded or there is official commentary from the court. Comments on this particular blog also won’t be accepted until the case concludes so as not to prejudice proceedings. Thanks for your understanding.

1 Response to “Trial date set for Suffolk gamekeeper accused of poisoning buzzard”

  1. 1 Peter Havk
    September 2, 2021 at 8:44 am

    Hi I have heard that the game keeper on xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx has been sacked for killing birds of prey : my source is a local councillor. I have put a FOI question to xxxxxxx and can copy question and reply to you: I have photo of new xxxxxxx sign on moor which I question the accuracy of ..

    [Ed: Thanks, Peter. If you could send the details to me at dimlylit100[AT]hotmail.com I’ll take a look with a view to publishing]

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