Scottish Environment Committee takes evidence on wildlife crime: Tuesday 10th January

As we blogged last week (here), this morning the Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee will take evidence on the Scottish Government’s 2015 annual wildlife crime report.

This should be a fascinating session as for the first time, rather than just hearing from Police Scotland and the Crown Office, the Committee will also take evidence from a number of other experts and stakeholders, including RSPB Scotland, Scottish Badgers, Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association and the Bat Conservation Trust. We consider this to be important progress that will help the Committee hold the statutory enforcement authorities to account and we very much welcome it.

As a warm-up to the main event you can read the fairly hard-hitting written evidence submitted to the ECCLR Committee by RSPB Scotland: rspb_written_evidence_ecclr-committee_jan2017

There are a number of extremely well-informed cross-party MSPs on this ECCLR Committee so we anticipate some strong questioning.

The session starts at 09.30hrs and can be watched live on Scottish Parliament TV here.

UPDATE 8pm: For those were unable to watch the live session, the archive video can be watched here. The official transcript can be read here: ecclr-transcript-wildlife-crime-10-jan-2017



1 Response to “Scottish Environment Committee takes evidence on wildlife crime: Tuesday 10th January”

  1. January 10, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Did I really hear the keeper more or less accept that there had been a lot of misrepresentation of images displayed by the likes of Fruit Punnet and Randy Frigidbrain?

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