Another year, another interesting SGA donor

The Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association’s quarterly rag (Spring 2015) arrived on the doormat a couple of weeks ago. We always enjoy reading it to find out what these doyens of the wildlife-crime-fighting world have been up to in their crusade against the illegal persecution of raptors.

As in previous editions, there’s a list of generous donors. One caught our eye:

SGA donation Edradynate 2015 - Copy

Surely not the same Edradynate that we blogged about last year when another Mr Campbell (MDCC Campbell that time) donated a hefty sum (see here)?

How interesting.


1 Response to “Another year, another interesting SGA donor”

  1. 1 Me
    April 17, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    I wonder if this “Independent Estate of Scotland” is on our Governments list of ” money for nothing ” If that’s the case then Mr Campbell’s “donation” should have included ” and the British taxpayer” If am wrong then I apologise,but I would love to know if his Estate does indeed receive money from the public purse,and if it does,have the subsidies ever been withdrawn at any point.
    Did he allegedly dip into his own pocket …..xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx just think of all the free advertising Edradynate Estate will get in the SGA….. money for nothing and your “shoots” for free……

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