Police search notorious raptor poisoning blackspot

Drumbanagher NI police search Jan 2015Police in Northern Ireland last week joined forces with officers from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Health & Safety Executive (NI) to conduct a search of premises in one of the region’s most notorious raptor- poisoning blackspots.

The search focused on premises in the Drumbanagher area of Co. Armagh following the discovery of a Carbofuran-poisoned buzzard last October. The Drumbanagher/Poyntzpass area is known for its commercial game-shooting interests.

A dead cat was found during the search and has been sent for analysis.

We’ve blogged about this location before. Here’s the list of known (to us) victims:

2006: 1 x poisoned buzzard (type of poison unknown).

2008: 4 x poisoned buzzards (Alphachloralose).

2009: 2 x poisoned red kites (Alphachloralose). One bird survived, the other one didn’t.

2011: 1 x dead buzzard found under a hedge. Too decomposed for analysis.

2011: 3 x dead buzzards, suspected poisoning, but carcasses removed before police attendance. 1 x poisoned magpie (Alphachloralose).

2012: Another poisoned buzzard (Alphachloralose), reportedly the ’36th dead buzzard’ found in this area.

2014: 1 x poisoned buzzard (Carbofuran).

Our previous blogs on this area here and here.

Article on last week’s police search from Farming Life here


2 Responses to “Police search notorious raptor poisoning blackspot”

  1. 1 I C T
    January 19, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    It doesn’t seem to matter, Scotland, England, Ireland, wherever there are commercial game shooting interests, criminals are at work killing protected species, especially birds of prey & by the most evil of methods. At least in Scotland, earlier this mouth we may finally have seen a Government that by its action has shown it is determined to eradicate this lawlessness.

  2. 2 Dave Dick
    January 19, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    The police statement seems a littele disingenuous!…Instances of insecticide spread over fields…no mention of its common use as an illegal use on baits to kill raptors, foxes and cats then…

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