Buzzard shot and left for dead

The ISPCA has been forced to euthanise a buzzard that had been found shot and badly injured in County Westmeath, Ireland.

They are appealing for information after a member of the public found the wounded buzzard in Castletown Geoghegan and took it to the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford. It was given immediate pain relief and was then transferred to the Kildare Animal Foundation for specialist treatment by a wildlife vet.

Unfortunately the bird’s wing had become gangrenous and had no chance of survival.

Buzzards are protected in Ireland under the Wildlife Act 1976 and it is illegal to take them from the wild, injure or kill them.

Dr Andrew Kelly of the ISPCA said: “Why such a beautiful bird would be targeted in this manner remains a mystery. This poor bird must have been in agony until it was found and given pain relief. Buzzards are magnificent birds and are an integral part of Ireland’s natural fauna. They feed on carrion and rodents such as rats so they pose no threat to farm animals or pets. 

Although they are found mostly in the north and east of Ireland, they have been recolonizing other parts of the country over the last few years. They are scarce in the midlands where this one was shot“.

Anyone with information is urged to contact either the ISPCA or the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

BZ Westneath 2014

BZ Westneath 2014 x ray

2 Responses to “Buzzard shot and left for dead”

  1. 1 Chris Roberts
    November 25, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Poor bird – there are far too many killers in the British and Irish countryside.

  2. 2 sallygutteridge
    November 29, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    That beautiful bird, doing no harm to anyone. It’s so terribly unfair, why not just leave them in the sky – there is something fundamentaly wrong with the mind of someone that kills for fun, profit, greed, status. More tame ‘purpose’ reared birds are hit by cars than a buzzard would ever get hold of. Why do that, there is no excuse.

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