Young peregrine shot in Co Wexford

Perg Co WexA young peregrine falcon has had to be euthanised after it was illegally shot in Co Wexford, Ireland.

The news article in the Irish Times (here) doesn’t say when the bird was found but it can be assumed it was quite recently – the young bird had been ringed with a unique identification number so presumably the authorities know it was one of this year’s fledglings.

The bird was found at Ballynastraw near Enniscorthy and an x-ray revealed it had been hit with shotgun pellets in its wings and leg. A vet decided the injuries were too severe for the bird to be rehabilitated.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has appealed for information. Dominic Berridge of NPWS said: “The finding of this bird is not an isolated incident. There have been attempts to poison and shoot birds at a number of nests and if people see anything suspicious like a tethered pigeon or a trap, NPWS staff should be called”.


4 Responses to “Young peregrine shot in Co Wexford”

  1. 1 Chris Roberts
    August 13, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Ireland is getting as bad a reputation as Scotland, for wildlife crimes.

  2. 4 keen birder.
    August 13, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Its just the tip of the iceberg,
    I was in Ireland on holiday in the far West near Dingle in about 2004, I was dropped off in a very remote area to fish back downstream to the next bridge, I first came across a chicken wire mesh fence across the small stream, thought this was very odd, then a couple of hundred yards downstream a gill net was set, fully across the water, I pulled this up on one side and disabled it, the mesh barrier was to prevent fish moving up into the lake, then shortly after that came across a snare which had contained a badger, had struggled a lot and shifted a lot of peat around the fence that it was tethered to, it had chewed through the snare wire and escaped leaving badger hairs around and on the wires and a lot of chewing on the fence posts .
    I thought , welcome to Ireland. The brock would have probably damaged its teeth and gone off with the snare embedded around its body, obviously it had not been checked. I caught no fish, I went to the shop before waiting for my lift, back down in the village, told him about the net and was told this little river used to have a lot of Sea trout but has been ruined by poaching, I later reported it to the fishery board .
    Sad job ,no need for it.

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