Ross-shire Massacre: death toll rises to 17

The number of dead raptors found in the mass poisoning incident at Conon Bridge, Ross-shire, has now risen to 17 corpses following the discovery of another dead red kite.

So far, 13 red kites and four buzzards have been dead.

The search of the surrounding area continues.

If you’d like to contribute to an on-line fund to help increase the reward for information (currently stands at over £13,000), please click this link HERE.

[£5,000 donated by RSPB Scotland; £5,000 donated by an anonymous donor; £3,000+ (to date) donated by members of the public].

If the reward goes unclaimed, the funds will be given to the RSPB Scotland Investigations Team to help their important work.

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Red Kite F8 Ross-shire Massacre


1 Response to “Ross-shire Massacre: death toll rises to 17”

  1. 1 Carrie
    April 8, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    This is absolutely horrendous, I’m disgusted beyond words. I work in Dingwall and often have these very birds flying overhead while I’m working. Yesterday one flew out of a tree right next to me carrying a piece of meat of some description, and I hate that I can’t see something like that anymore without instant suspicion. I’ve started coming to this blog every day hoping for positive updates on this situation (as this seems to be the most informative place I’ve found covering the subject).

    I’m sorry to admit that I had no idea of the real depth of the problems faced by raptors in this country before discovering this blog. Very little of these incidents reach the ears of the public through the media, unless they specifically go searching for the information.

    If it’s possible for any good to come from this situation, I hope it will be to raise awareness of these disgusting crimes among the general public.

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