Langholm harrier update

On 25th September 2012, the blog (see here) showing us the satellite-tracked movements of this year’s Langholm hen harriers had this statement:

As you will have noticed, it has been a week or so since I have posted any data from Blae, the young female from Langholm. Sadly Blae’s signal indicated that she had died south of Edinburgh about two weeks ago, her carcass was recovered and is undergoing a postmortem“.

So, when that statement was written, “about two weeks ago” would place this harrier’s death ‘about’ 11th September. Today is 8th October, so we’re coming up to ‘about’ a month since she died.

Today there’s a new statement on the Langholm harrier blog:

No news yet on Blae’s postmortem results“.

How long does it take to do a simple postmortem on a single harrier carcass?! Even if it took, say, a week for the bird’s dead body to be recovered, the lab has had almost three weeks to conduct a procedure that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours at most.

An article published in the Southern Reporter on Sunday (see here) includes a quote from Langholm Project Manager Graeme Dalby, who says:

The timescale for results being released can vary from a couple of weeks to much longer depending on the lab’s workload“.

So either this lab is inundated with the carcasses of dead animals or not enough urgency is being afforded to this case. Or perhaps we are being unfair on the lab – perhaps they have already done the PM and released the results but the Langholm Project folk are not sharing them? We know there are quite a few things that the Langholm team are keeping quiet about…more on those in a later blog.

Meanwhile, Blae’s sibling, Barry, appears to be still alive, for now (see here).

Previous blogs on Blae here, here, here.

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