What aren’t they telling us and why aren’t they telling us?

It seems blogger Alan Tilmouth was much more astute than us. Last week we blogged about Alan’s FoI to DEFRA to find out which Northumberland shoots were set to host the DEFRA buzzard ‘study’. DEFRA wrote back to Alan to ask whether he still wanted to proceed with his FoI even though the ‘study’ had now been cancelled. Alan saw this as a ‘concealment’ attempt by DEFRA – we saw it as just a delaying tactic (see here). We were wrong!

DEFRA has now written to Alan again, this time to tell him that yes, they hold the information he requested but no, they aren’t going to reveal it for ‘public safety’ reasons!!! See Alan’s blog here for their full statement.

Public safety my arse! Does anyone else smell the rancid odour of a cover up? Time to write to the Information Commissioner, Alan!

It seems DEFRA aren’t very good at responding to FoI requests, especially those relating to the game-shooting industry. Mark Avery has also been having trouble getting DEFRA to respond to his FoIs about Walshaw grouse moor (see here).

Talking of cover ups, still no official word from Tayside Police, Grampian Police or the RSPB on that dead golden eagle that we reported on Monday (see here). Hmmm…

1 Response to “What aren’t they telling us and why aren’t they telling us?”

  1. 1 Andie Timms
    June 22, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    I thought some time ago that this saga was going to run and run by the very nature of the comments that DEFRA were making, and could definitely smell a rat. it would be better for all parties to clear the air on this matter by all those from the beginning to make available all the information that put the proposal on the table to start with. as without it both DEFRA and the shooting communities involved will be guilty by default. thus no trust between the parties concerned, and thereby no chance of any form of solution been reached.

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