Pigeon post

There’s a cracking post on Mark Avery’s blog today, written by guest blogger Gary Burgess, a pigeon fancier from Lancashire.

You’d struggle to find a finer example of ignorance about rudimentary ecological principles, unless you look at Gary’s website, where this staggering ignorance is expanded. It’s so bad it’s actually funny (after reading the home page, make sure you click on some of the sub-headers, like ‘The Raptors Have Risen’, to experience the full effect). And he wonders why nobody takes him seriously!

Gary’s post on Mark Avery’s blog here

Gary’s website Save Our Racing Pigeons here [UPDATE: 22 March 2012, this website appears to have been taken down].


2 Responses to “Pigeon post”

  1. February 23, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    I have very very little sympathy for pigeon fanciers up here in Scotland. Tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money have been spent on research which appears to show the bleeding obvious – most mortality is caused by the weather and birds wandering off course…and a tiny fraction is caused by bird of prey kills.

    Ask them what they do with birds which fail to make good times…I think you can guess..?

    But…to quote an old scottish gamekeeper’s phrase about why he spent so much time on killing “vermin”…”you cannae shoot the weather”!

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