Gamekeeper & apprentice avoid jail in cruelty case

Following the blog post on December 9th 2011 (see here), gamekeeper Christopher Carter and his apprentice Luke Byrne have been sentenced for their involvement in an horrendous animal cruelty case on the West Acre Estate in Norfolk.

See here for the sentencing report published in the Daily Mail. Unbelieveable.

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation has put out a statement to say that neither offender was a member of the NGO. They also say: ‘Independent research has shown that gamekeeping is a force for good in the countryside in terms of conserving wildlife habitat. Moreover, in many remote, rural areas, gamekeepers are in the frontline in the battle against wildlife crime‘. The statement was released by a massive porky pig as it flew over NGO headquarters and can be read here.


9 Responses to “Gamekeeper & apprentice avoid jail in cruelty case”

  1. 1 nirofo
    January 15, 2012 at 12:58 am

    It just goes to show the type of barbaric practices some of these gamekeepers are capable of, slowly but surely more and more evidence of the widespread wildlife persecution that takes place on quite a lot of these so-called “SPORTING ESTATES” is becoming public knowledge.

    Pity the sentencing wasn’t more representative of the sickening cruelty the animals received at the hands of these two thugs.

  2. January 15, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Whilst it’s been said before, these sort of persecution incidents on private estates are coming to light so regularly it would be illogical to conclude such practices are not utterly widespread , with or without the knowledge of owners or agents, some of whom are not in residence anyway!! Two aspects emerge! Despite the often ill-framed protestations of the shooting fraternity , these incidents will continue to harden the attitude of the public until regulatory action is called for to deal with the matter which the “industry” will not be able to avoid A problem of their own making brought about by sheer arrogance, weak management and a feeling that they are above the law. In the final event, unless they reign in their excesses, the ever growing town based electorate might even turn against shooting itself!!

  3. January 15, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    John, I agree with all that but hope you arent putting too much emphasis on “town based” for the concerned part of the electorate – having grown up in the country, worked in it while raising a family in the city..and now returned to it – I know that the great majority in the countryside are as appalled by animal cruelty and killing of protected birds and animals, as any well informed town or city dweller.

    I would also say that, in Scotland at least, in towns and cities “game” shooting is generally held either in low rergard or deep suspicion. Just look at the reaction to any of the recent murder/suicides by licensed firearms holders.Shooters have been on the back foot for a long time.

    I only make these points because Im sick of the bigoted stupidity of those who regularly use the word “townie” to describe anyone who doesnt agree with their awful “vermin control” practices…their definition of vermin including raptors.

    • January 16, 2012 at 9:02 am

      Hi. Apologies for not being clearer. I’m not criticizing the level of understanding of “townies”, but emphasizing the numerical voting strength that rests with town/city based people nowadays and them having a greater willingness to consider country matters, whether they’re regular visitors or not. Given the situation you describe, i.e. the similar sentiments held by country folk in condemning these acts, the pressure will be even greater and the shooting fraternity could find themselves under real pressure to change. I’m convinced there will be something that will suddenly tip the whole issue “over the edge” and change will be inevitable.

  4. 5 nirofo
    January 16, 2012 at 1:15 am

    The only reason so many of the shooting estates are “getting away with it” is because the majority of the owners / managers etc,are part of the establishment and or peers of the realm themselves, the very ones who are responsible for the way this country and it’s laws, (in the whole of the UK) are run.

  5. 6 Craig
    January 16, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    I don’t know where that Chairman of the Bench is from, but I get the impression it is another planet. To describe the offence in question as a one off beggars belief. Animal cruelty is never a one off. People who indulge in such activities have a very warped mental condition and frequently extend their cruelty to humans.
    Have a look at the history of the serial murderers currently in prison and you will find that animal cruelty was another of their nasty traits.

  6. 7 Bill Jackson
    January 23, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Get real… I think this is an inbuilt Scottiish land owner business who seem hell bent on employing thugs , some with records, to practice the fine art of vermin control by whatever means suits their purpose regardless of the law as long as the birds are produced on the day.

    Proof if proof was necessary to actually bring these estates to book is made increasingly difficult by the law itself.

    Inappropriate and petty fines do little to discourage these folk who lets face it enjoy killing.

    Sporting estates are the problem and will continue to be so until Joe public realizes that they are really paying for all of this so called countryside sports fun for the well healed few and including a number of individuals supposed to be upholding the law on the shoots killing almost tame birds….what chance has wildlife really?

    We must protect our stock they say, but does this include several pheasants frequenting my garden bird feeders starving? After the shooting game is over they are never fed and left to deplete the wild bird habitat of anything that is edible…Pheasants are an introduced species and should be carefully monitored by the RSPB along with Red legged Partridge and now I hear Grouse…where will it stop in land owners efforts to attract the guns to part with their cash for the privilege of killing?

    We now have Italians coming to Argyll top decimate Woodcock, mostly migrating birds…just how long can this go on when black bags full of birds too thin to be of any food value were dumped in an offshore island quarry?

    So much for the RSPB again…they were informed of this. last year but land owners happily advertise their holiday lets to be overflowing with an abundance wildlife??? I suppose a pheasant to some is exotic.

    For the sake of cutting my many years of disgust to a few words I am almost at a loss…it goes on and will go on as long as the law is tied by wealthy friends with land and a day out with the gun..tradition has sod all to do with it today its money and who knows what about who? Terrific countryside will be devoid of most predators in a short while unless the law is imposed as it should be here in Scotland. Shooting earns how much? wildlife also brings in a few bob ask those happily making a living at it on Mull and a few more enlightened areas for wildlife.

    Shooting is all artificial anyway from pheasant egg to trench.

    Bill Jackson

  7. 8 Bill Jackson
    February 17, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Please contact me as I have a very interesting bird photo for your web page and possible piece on cases not coming to light…Bill

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