‘Raptor haters’ no. 3: raptors “have become a plague”

Dr Mark Avery, former Conservation Director at the RSPB, has named Sir Max Hastings (former editor of The Daily Telegraph and former President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England) as number three on his list of ‘raptor haters’, following an opinion piece that Sir Max wrote yesterday for The Financial Times.

Writing on his highly entertaining and informative blog (take a look here), Mark takes apart Sir Max’s article with skill and humour. It’s so well written that there’s not much I would want to add to it. To read Sir Max’s article in The Financial Times you need to register (click the link on Mark’s blog page) – registration takes just a few seconds and you can opt for the free registration that will give you access to the article. It’s well worth a read.

Sir Max is no stranger to the Scottish grouse moor, and some may say he has a vested interest in ‘hating’ raptors (see here, here, here and here). He is currently the Vice President of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (see here).

Sir Max Hastings is third in this occasional series, following Richard Ingrams and Sir Simon Jenkins (see here for links).

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