Update on the outcome of the Holkham gamekeeper trial

Further to Saturday’s blog post, more information has come to light in the form of a press release from Knights Solicitors, who instructed the defence.

It’s well worth a read, particularly the last paragraph. Please also note that the statement says Nicholas Parker resigned his position as head gamekeeper at Holkham Estate shortly after the allegations were made.

Knights Solicitors press release here

Also an article (here) with Nick Parker being interviewed by The Shooting Times after the trial.

1 Response to “Update on the outcome of the Holkham gamekeeper trial”

  1. 1 Dave Dick
    July 18, 2011 at 10:54 am

    As Ive no idea about the actual detail s of this case, my only comment on the defence lawyers press release [ could be summed up as “its all been a terrible misunderstanding, hes a lovely bloke”] is that its a small victory in itself to get such a lengthy public statement. This kind of thing is more commonly seen in celebrity libel cases. At least the profile of wildlife crime has been heightened.

    But “methinks he doth protest too much”

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