Scottish Countryside Alliance’s interesting Statistics

On the run up to “the glorious twelfth” as many gamekeepers and their employers wait to see how effective their pest control regimes have been, various pro-game shooting bodies spew out some new statistics which “reveal” that grouse shooting is worth £zillion to the Scottish economy or supports 99% of all Scottish jobs. One that caught my eye this week was the survey conducted by the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) and publicised fairly widely.  Here’s an extract:

“An online survey has revealed a great deal of support for grouse shooting in Scotland, with 95% of respondents saying it would be ‘bad news for the Scottish countryside’ if grouse shooting were to stop.”

“The depth of support for one of the country’s most famous sporting events is highlighted by a survey carried out by the Scottish Countryside Alliance, a campaigning organisation which represents rural interests.”

“The survey also showed that 26% reported having a direct business interest in grouse shooting; 44% have an indirect business interest; and 69% think the sport is good for their community”

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking, Impressive figures! Who would have thought that grouse shooting was so important to the Scottish economy? This is until after some research, we discover that the survey was conducted online by visitors to the SCA website and restricted to the first 100 respondents. It’s like the first 100 visitors to a golf website saying that they like golf!

Only an idiot would be impressed by the biased results of this straw poll and pathetic attempt to generate a positive profile for driven grouse shooting.

Ross Montague, Director of SCA commented on the results of this survey, saying:  

This bolsters what we have been saying for quite some time now, that land management for country sports in general is important for the bio-diversity of the land and especially jobs. And it seems people living in the countryside agree.

Shooting is worth £240 million to the Scottish economy and this survey reveals that people realise its benefits. To lose grouse shooting would be akin to stopping golf throughout the country.

I think this last sentence demonstrates just how far into the world of fantasy the SCA is willing to go to portray a positive image of driven grouse shooting and ignore the illegal raptor persecution that this industry generates.

1 Response to “Scottish Countryside Alliance’s interesting Statistics”

  1. 1 jock scott
    August 18, 2010 at 7:26 am

    Golf and driven grouse shooting, a fairly unintelligent comparison for Mr Montague to draw.
    Golf is enjoyed by many thousands of participants throughout Scotland on over 500 golf courses. It attracts people of all incomes from the wealthy to the unemployed. Driven grouse shooting on the other hand, is enjoyed only by the extremely wealthy whose pleasure we all pay for in the loss of our most iconic birds of prey over vast areas of Scotland.

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