Natural England pulls the plug on sea eagle reintroduction

Natural England has withdrawn its financial support for the planned sea eagle reintroduction to the Suffolk coast.

There have been several protests over the reintroduction the best publicised of which is pig farmer Mr. Jimmy Butler’s billboard which reads “Say No To Sea Eagles Here.”

Natural England are firm in their denial that the farmers’ protests have not been the cause of this withdrawal and the decision is purely financial. 

 Natural England’s chief scientist, Tom Tew, said the decision was purely financial. “We’re not bowing to opposition,” he said. “We have listened to farmers and landowners and they have entirely legitimate concerns, but all of the research shows that their concerns are either unfounded, or could be overcome.”Today’s decision is about the current economic climate, and the need to focus ruthlessly on our existing commitments.”

 An RSPB spokesman voiced their disappointment at losing NE as a partner in this project but maintained that the project was postponed rather than cancelled and RSPB would explore other funding options.

 Without doubt the “No” campaigners will view this news as a great victory but will sleep sound in their beds knowing that their pigs, sheep, cows, children, giraffes etc are safe from this dangerous avian predator for at least a little while longer.

BBC Report Here. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/10303266.stm

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