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Update on yesterday’s police raid

Tayside Police have released a statement about the raid on a Scottish sporting estate that took place yesterday, following the discovery three weeks ago of two poisoned buzzards and poisoned bait. A 62 year old man was taken in for questioning but has been released pending further enquiries.

Tayside Police statement:


Police raid well-known Scottish sporting estate – one man questioned

Police have raided a well-known sporting estate in Scotland and at least one man has been questioned at the police station. Further details cannot be reported just now but will be publicised in due course. Let’s just say this estate is no stranger to allegations of raptor persecution…let’s hope justice is finally served.

Full credit to the police for this one.


Poisoned baits found in Ayrshire: dogs and buzzards reported poisoned

A recent spate of poisoning has been reported at Fullarton Woods, Troon, Ayrshire over the last month, apparently resulting in the death of one dog, one fox and possibly two buzzards. A second dog was poisoned but survived. Strathclyde Police are reported to have launched an investigation.

The first incident was reported in the Troon Times on 1 March 2011 and the Ayrshire Birding Forum on 2 March 2011. Rabbit baits laced with poison were discovered in Fullarton Woods on the Fullarton Estate (this is not a sporting estate – it is a public amenity run by South Ayrshire Council that includes a play-park for children). A local resident’s dog was poisoned but made a recovery. Two dead buzzards were apparently discovered, although it has not been confirmed if they had been poisoned.

Troon Times:

Ayrshire Birding Forum:

On 22 March 2011, Troon Times reported the death of a two-year old golden retriever and linked it to the discovery of a poisoned fox in Fullarton Woods:


Holkham Estate head gamekeeper’s court case adjourned again

Further to blog posts 25 January, 11 February and 2 March 2011….

Nicholas Parker, head gamekeeper at Holkham Estate, Norfolk, was due at Norwich Magistrate’s Court today relating to charges against him for alleged wildlife crime and firearms offences. His case has been adjourned for the third time and is now due to be heard on 4 May 2011.

This case was originally due to be heard at King’s Lynn Magistrate’s Court on 9 February 2011. This was delayed until 2 March 2011. The case was then moved to Norwich Magistrate’s Court, due to be heard 1 April 2011.

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